packing tips

3 suitcases for 3 destinations

a weekend at the spa

Generally, these 2-day escapades have a very precise aim - relaxation! Since you’ll be spending most of the time in a bathrobe or a bathing suit, your key themes for packing are simplicity and comfort.

recommended size:

Small Sized Luggage 18" to 22" Carry-on


• 1 pair of trousers

• 2 sweaters

• 1 dress (suitable for elegant dining)

• 1 pair shoes

• 2 sets of underwear and 2 pairs of socks

• Flip-flops for the spa

• 1 bonnet (for exterior spas)

travel tip:

avoid spills, save space and have everything handy, put your cosmetics in a zipped plastic bag that you’ll keep in the front compartment of your suitcase.

seaside escapade

Most people pack way too much stuff when they leave for a sun and beach vacation, and they end up using barely half of what they brought along. You’ll be spending most of your time at the beach. So, once again, keep it simple and light.

recommended size:

Medium Sized Luggage 23" to 25"


• 2 bathing suits

• 2 shorts or skirts

• 2 light dresses

• 2 light sweaters

• 1 vest (for frisky evenings)

• 1 pair flip-flops

• 1 pair sandals

• 7 sets of underwear

• 1 beach hat

• 1 beach towel

• 1 pair sunglasses

• 1 beach bag

travel tip:

Rolling every piece of clothing tightly will keep them from becoming wrinkled as well as save space in your luggage.

visiting Europe

No need to overpack even if you’re travelling that far. Pack what you’d need for a week, and maybe even plan to do some washing…or better yet, just go shopping and buy something. And remember: packing less means more space for souvenirs (or shopping).

recommended size:

Medium Sized Luggage 23" to 25 "


• 1 pair of jeans

• 2 pairs of trousers

• 1 dress

• 5 light tops

• 2 sweaters

• 1 vest

• 1 pair walking shoes

• 1 pair dress shoes

• 1 coat

• 7 sets of underwear and pairs of socks

• 1 hat

• 1 small umbrella

• 1 backpack

travel tip:

Don’t pack the heavy stuff. Wear it on the plane. Your suitcase will be lighter.