Luggage Quality Tests

Because your vacation matters, ensuring we not only improve but approve your luggage's survivability is paramount for us.

Yes! Our Luggage Are Tested, Inspected & Approved.

From the wheels to the handle, and every nifty feature in between, all our Tracker luggage go through rigorous testing, based on AQL standards, before you get them. Get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek here below at some of the many tests Bentley carries out to ensure your travels remain reliable and always hassle-free.

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10 Year Warranty
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The Drop Test

Luggage could take a real toll when you're travelling the world, that's why it's important to ensure that their shells and wheels are super resilient and resistant against impacts. To do so, all models are repeatedly dropped 4 feet off the ground, for long hours. We then inspect them for any abnormal scratches, scuffs, or breakage.

The Trolley Lift Test

Twisting and swerving around luggage from its telescopic handle should be a smooth and responsive experience. This movement is tested by raising the telescopic handle to its maximum height and then lowering it swiftly back down approximately 500 to 2000 times, all while holding a weight. This test helps us to assess if the handle was installed correctly and determine if it is, in fact, apt to optimize manoeuvrability.

The Wheel Endurance Test

The eight 360-degree spinner wheels always need to be whisper-quiet and butter-smooth – there's no exception. For that reason, we are required to place them on a bumpy conveyor belt so as to evaluate their pivotal and rotational movements as well as their endurance. Only if they perform to our liking, we could then move on to the next test.

The Dynamic Loading Test

The dynamic loading test is designed to ensure the functionality of your luggage over time. Here, we jolt the luggage approximately 1200 times from its handles to test the durability of the material and function of the handles. We then inspect and operate the luggage with the assurance that it will not break, crack or rip under denser conditions.