Luggage Tips

Luggage Tips

Hardside vs. Softside

Luggage Comparison

Hardside Luggage

  • Water resistant. No smells.
  • Easy to maneuver since most of hardside luggage come with four wheels.
  • Easy to find at baggage claim as they come in more colours.

Softside Luggage

  • More durable.
  • More flexibility; can fit in small spaces.
  • More items can be put into a softside luggage due to its flexibility, making it ideal for shopping.
  • More accessible due to its multiple pockets.

Luggage Materials

Hard Case Material


ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

ABS is the most reliable when it comes to hard case luggage as the material is shaped within a high-heat temperature. It allows for a sturdy, scratch-resistant and lightweight luggage. ABS luggage are very popular and come in many colours. They are characterized by a slight texturing on the surface resulting in a high resistance to scratches and light shimmer effect when the luggage is exposed to light.

ABS-PC (coated with polycarbonate)

This technique involves the lamination of the shaped ABS material with a polycarbonate film. The additional polycarbonate film is added to the ABS base. It not only makes the surface shiny and elegant, but furthermore enhances the performance of the luggage. Due to the additional film, it is even more resistant to breakage. Even though the surface may possibly get scratched during transport, especially by airplane, it does not affect the stability of the luggage in any way.

Luggage Materials

Hard Case Material

Polycarbonate & Aluminium


Luggage made from pure polycarbonate are shaped with transparent plastic, which can then be coloured in the production progress. A benefit of polycarbonate is that it makes the luggage virtually unbreakable due to the high flexibility of the material. In rare cases of deformation, the material can easily be brought back into shape. Luggage made from this material are also quite heat resistant and can be relatively light depending on the design.


Luggage made of aluminium are very robust and aesthetically pleasing, however aluminum is generally heavier than other materials. Although it can be a little more vulnerable to dents and scratches, aluminum is still a popular and viable option amongst business travellers.

Luggage Materials

Soft Case Material

Nylon & Polyester


Nylon is made from synthetic fibres and is then processed into a fabric. The tear strength of the material increases with the twine thickness (denier). Luggage made from nylon are often water repellent and are one of the lightest on the market. It is the perfect choice for travellers who do not like hard case luggage.


Polyester belongs to the polycarbonate family and is also made of synthetic fibres. Unlike nylon, the percentage of synthetic fibres in this material is higher. Polyester fibre fabrics are also processed in PET and microfiber fabrics.