Relaunching the Legend Luggage Collection by Tracker – Designed for the Modern Traveler 

Relaunching the Legend Luggage Collection by Tracker – Designed for the Modern Traveler 

Reimagining Excellence in Travel

After over a year of true dedication and tireless craftsmanship, Bentley is thrilled to present the culmination of our efforts – the Legend luggage collection from Tracker remodeled. For this most recent collection, we’ve introduced a full luggage set featuring a carry-on, medium-sized luggage, and a large-sized luggage. Meticulously reimagined, each piece of luggage in this collection reflects a harmonious blend of determination and functionality, embodying the essence of Bentley and Tracker’s dedication to innovation. From the drawing board to the final assembly, our teams have poured their passion into every detail, ensuring that the Legend luggage collection is the only one you’ll ever need.

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The Evolution of an Icon

In this journey of reinvention, we’ve delved into the nuances of design, tested the resilience of materials, and embraced a forward-thinking approach to create a luggage ensemble that is more than an accessory. The Bentley team recognizes your luggage is your home away from home, an intimate space that holds not just your belongings but the memories of your travels. From the intricacies of the interior storage to the durability of the hardside shell, we’ve refined the Legend luggage from Tracker with precision and purpose. Following a history of being best-selling luggage, we have ensured the remodel not only maintains the exceptional standards our community loves but also adapts to the evolving needs of travelers.

Resistant: Engineering Durability

The core of the Legend luggage collection is its durability, boasting the integration of polycarbonate composite and ABS materials. This strategic fusion not only fortifies the structural integrity of each piece but also supports the Legend with remarkable shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant properties, shielding your belongings from the bumps and jolts of your journey. Polycarbonate is celebrated for its lightweight yet sturdy nature, while the inclusion of ABS further enhances the Legend’s robustness. ABS is a material celebrated for its temperature-resistant, versatile attributes.

In addition to its advanced materials, the Legend luggage distinguishes itself with an upgraded trolley system. Transitioning from a heavyweight iron trolley to a more efficient aluminium trolley, this enhancement contributes not only to the luggage’s overall durability but also to the ease and efficiency of your travel experience. The iron trolley system is thoughtfully designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use, providing a smooth and reliable extension of your Legend.

Featuring the hardside shell and new branding of the Legend luggage.
Featuring the expandability of the hardside luggage.

Expandability: Adapting to Your Needs

The Legend luggage collection is designed with the utmost consideration for the diversity of travelers’ needs, whether you’re a minimalist packer or someone who likes to bring their entire wardrobe. Offering an additional 2 inches of expandability, the Legend becomes a versatile solution for hardside luggage. From short getaways to more extended vacations, there’s no need to sacrifice packing efficiency. Tracker’s 20″ carry-on is developed to fit most overhead bins. Including the 28” luggage, and 32” luggage, being expandable allows the Legend to align seamlessly with the ever-changing demands of your travel itinerary.

TSA Locks: Secure Travel Essentials

Travel with confidence, knowing your belongings are secure with the integrated TSA-approved locks. These locks not only reduce the risk of damage or theft of your luggage but also comply with security regulations. This compliance means that security officers at airports can open and inspect your luggage without breaking the lock or damaging your luggage. Eliminating the need to purchase an additional lock, this convenient, user-friendly design offers peace of mind to travelers.

The new and improved TSA-approved lock.
Showcasing the 8 360-degree spinner wheels and new branding.

360-Degree Wheels: Smooth Maneuverability

The thoughtful inclusion of 8 360-degree spinner wheels brings an added dimension to your journey. These wheels are ingeniously crafted to enhance the stability of the Legend, enhancing the maneuverability of your luggage. Additionally, the distribution of these wheels ensures that the weight is evenly supported, minimizing the physical effort required to navigate your belongings. No longer will you have to grapple with the strain on your wrists and arms, as the 360-degree spinner wheels become a silent partner in ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

Tested & Protected: Proven Reliability

A true testament to its reliability in the face of manufacturing defects, the Legend luggage undergoes rigorous testing procedures. This commitment to quality is backed by a substantial 10-year guaranteed warranty provided by Tracker, assuring your investment is protected. Each piece of luggage has been subjected to meticulous testing processes, exemplifying the stringent standards upheld by Tracker. This thorough examination ensures that every aspect of the Legend luggage, from its materials to its construction, meets and exceeds the highest industry benchmarks. For an in-depth understanding of its resilience, we invite you to explore the various testing processes that contribute to the robustness of the Legend.

A full image of the new Legend luggage, backed by a 10-year warranty.

Embrace your Legend

Begin your next journey with refreshed confidence, knowing that the Legend luggage paves the way for any thrilling adventure. Being the first of Bentley’s best-sellers to experience some TLC, the Legend luggage sets the stage for a series of innovations and refinements that will elevate the entire travel experience with Tracker at Bentley.

Delve into a spectrum of limited edition and always available colours, allowing you to curate your Legend luggage to align with your unique lifestyle. This vibrant palette provides a personalized touch that transforms your luggage into an extension of your identity. Beyond the allure of its aesthetic appeal, the Legend luggage boasts an improved storage system, a velvety smooth jacquard lining, and the inclusion of two new zippered pockets.

In essence, the Legend luggage collection is an invitation to embrace a new standard in travel – a standard defined by excellent craftsmanship and a touch of personal flair. As you embark on your journey with Tracker, the Legend luggage collection stands as a cornerstone in Bentley’s mission of delivering unparalleled travel experiences. Legend. The only one you’ll ever need.