Let’s get ready for day camp!

Let’s get ready for day camp!

Your summer fun has just begun.

Every summer, kids are beaming with excitement, looking forward to the months they have off in between school sessions. No class, more time with friends, plenty of activities and simply, enjoying the hot weather outside. This year is exceptionally special given the challenging times we’ve all encountered. Cooped up at home and adjusting to home learning has proved to be difficult for families across the country. With government restrictions slowly being lifted, kids now have the opportunity to finally look forward to a somewhat “normal” version of their typical summer. For them, this may mean going to the day camp they love, participating in summer programs or attending a completely new program this summer. Even with new changes being implemented, they still have the opportunity for a fun summer outdoors. Wherever they’re going, we want to help you get your kids excited and most importantly, prepared. With our new collections, fresh designs and updated styles, we’re here to help you find the perfect backpack. There’s something for everyone.

For the girls

Our Tracker Aquarelle Butterfly collection is the perfect choice for your little girl. With two backpacks, a convertible duffle bag/backpack and a waist pack, you’ll find everything she needs, no matter the activity. Bright pastel colours, butterfly prints and many features make each piece fun and exciting, ensuring she will absolutely love it.

For the boys

The Tracker Dino 3D collection is just what your boys are looking for. Bright orange with a 3D dinosaur print makes each piece burst with colour and fun. A backpack, waist bag and duffle create the perfect combination for all summer activities. No matter where your kids are going, they’ll be equipped to carry everything they require.

For the kids

For the older kids attending day camps or summer programs, either as campers or staff, we’ve got what they want to look cool this summer. Our selection of Jansport Full Pint and Superbreak backpacks are packed with space and are available in a variety of colours and designs. For any adventure they head on during the summer, at camp or on the weekend, these backpacks are built to handle it all.

For safety

As we’ve been adjusting to our new versions of “normal”, we can’t forget how important it is to keep our kids safe. The landscape may be improving as we are able to do more, however, we still need to take precautions. When it comes to your kids, safety is always the utmost concern. Even during day camp and summer programs, remember to ensure your kids have hand sanitizer nearby in their bags and have access to a face mask, in case they require it. With our large variety of kids' face masks, you’ll find just what you’re looking for right in one place.

Summer...we're ready for you!

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