5 Best School Backpacks for Kids

5 Best School Backpacks for Kids
Need the perfect stylish, durable, and practical school bag for your child? Look no further!

The school bell's about to ring and it's finally time to gear up your kids with top-rated school bags. Among the numerous tasks to tackle, like buying school supplies—or quality backpacks—it can be particularly overwhelming. But fear not! We've curated a list of the top 5 BEST school backpacks for kids to make your school shopping spree, hassle-free! After seeing this list of our excellent styles, you'll "WOW!" your little girl or boy like never before.

Discover These Top-Rated Kids' School Backpacks:


Tracker's "Drippy Foil Hearts" Backpack for Girls
A lilac purple backpack for kids called Drippy Foil Hearts designed by Tracker with multicoloured flourescent hearts, showing its front star-shaped keychain and top handle.

Show Off Their Love for Learning
Send your little scholar off on a magical school adventure with the Drippy Foil Hearts backpack, a true heart-stealer. It comes adorned with a print of colourful hearts and stars that'll light up your little girl's world. It's spacious enough to hold everything she needs for elementary, too, like a 14" laptop, textbooks & beyond. Now talk about hitting the books in style!

Plus, the best part? It's not just a stellar option that includes a star-shaped keychain. This stunner is highly functional. She can hydrate herself easily before gym class thanks to its 2 side water bottle pockets. A bestseller among parents, this quality bag shows off just how bright she is!


Lula's "Moon and Stars" School Bag for Girls

Astronomically Stylish
Get her twinkling this upcoming school year thanks to this sheer showstopper. The astronomically stylish "Moon and Stars" school bag by Lula is made to pack a whole lot. The 30L model boasts features like a 16" laptop slot and chest strap, it truly is out of this world for grade school! It makes the perfect companion for those who are super curious about space.

Plus, everything can easily be kept organized & accessible in its multiple compartments as well. This quality school bag comes equipped with 2 side pockets for water bottles as well. It's good value & makes any girl's dreams take flight among the moons & stars. No wonder this is a top pick for young kids in school.

A black backpack for kids with rose gold prints of moons and stars called Moons and Stars design by Lula, showing its top handle, and 2 front zipper pockets


Tracker's "Gamer" Backpack for Boys
Blue backpack for kids with remote control and the word

A Real Game Changer.
Introducing our NEW top-quality Gamer backpack by Tracker—a true game changer for pre-school journeys! It offers a nifty 14" laptop sleeve & chest clip, giving your boy's back-to-school adventures an upgrade (just like a power-up in video games!). It does wonders to release heavy pressure on his little shoulders, providing him with extra-smooth commuting when carrying heavier books. A remote and "Game Over" print, which was entirely designed in-house, continues to inspire all students, unlocking their full potential, always.

Be sure to check out the matching lunch box and pencil case on our website by clicking the link below!


Tracker's "Space Man" Backpack for Young Kids
Front side of a dark blue backpack for kids called Spaceman designed by Tracker showing its print of an astronaut, space shuttles, moons, and stars in colours of purple, burnt orange.

A Whole Lot, For So Little.
Style, quality & good pricing. Unsurprisingly, this bag generated a lot of buzz for kids and their parents over the past month. The durable Space Man backpack from Tracker comes adorned with an adorable print of astronauts, moons, space shuttles & even more. This super buzz-worthy & space-themed style beckons for kindergarten or primary school for both girls and boys. Packed with lots of "space", this trendy model brings undeniable value for the price.

And guess what? It's got the perfect "station" for their tech too like a 14" laptop. Let's not forget about the front quick-access pocket for devices as well. They'll be without a doubt over the moon with happiness.

Inspire your little astronaut to achieve boundless results on their new upcoming back-to-school blast-off:


Tracker's Kids' "Mermaid & Hearts Reversible" School Bag

Yes! It's a 2-in-1 reversible!
So cool! This sensational reversible Mermaid and Hearts backpack from Tracker does exactly what's written: IT'S REVERSIBLE. Enrich your little one's imagination by letting her choose from 2 spectacular designs of a seashell pattern mermaid or multicoloured hearts. To choose the desired beautiful print, the straps must be flipped on the other side.

Your School Bag Shopping Spree, Hassle-Free

As parents, you can now rest assured you've chosen at least 1 of 5 best school backpacks for kids on the market. We've unveiled the crème de la crème of affordable backpacks, each offering exceptional quality, comfort, and functionality. They literally (and stylishly) tick all the boxes!

If you love these stellar options and want to explore more for easy school shopping? Simply click here to go on our back-to-school page to discover an amazing array of styles. From exclusive in-house designs of more superb backpacks, plus, plenty of new lunch boxes and pencil cases specially tailored for the classroom, you'll find everything you need to give your little bookworms, a perfectly smooth transition back.

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You can also turn this stressful period into loads of fun by becoming a back-to-school school bag expert. Make sure you know the ins and outs of shopping for your little one and follow the guide in our other article called: "How to Buy a Backpack". It's super simple & extra easy.

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