How to Buy a Backpack

How to Buy a Backpack

The warm days of summer are slowly fading away, and the time has come to shift gears and start preparing for the upcoming school year. Whether it's gathering supplies to organizing schedules, let's check off these tasks together and set the stage for a successful academic journey for all students.

When it comes to school, finding the right backpack can truly be a game changer. It's not just a bag, but an essential tool that optimizes your entire educational journey while providing the convenience and comfort students deserve. Luckily, to simplify your shopping, here are the top 3 critical aspects that go behind purchasing a school bag for students of all ages, enrolling in any program.

Backpack Size

The size of the backpack is crucial to ensure it can accommodate all sorts of supplies. Thanks to the litres of the backpack, you'll know right off the bat if it can contain particular textbooks, notebooks, a lunch box, or any other essential items comfortably.

Lower litres for younger children

However, keep in mind that larger sizes do invite overpacking, so depending on if the student is younger, a smaller 24L backpack like our Mega Value Backpack might be your best bet for your little ones' journeys; no child wants to arrive at school with an aching back or sore shoulders because of overpacking, plus, gym class for them will so much more enjoyable, too! Note that teachers also provide the recommended amount of litres in the school supplies checklist according to their specific purchase requests, so make sure to take a look!

Tracker's Mega Value with Pencil Case Bundle - 24L

Perfectly sized and amazingly designed, the affordable Mega Value backpack for kids comes bundled up with a superb theme-matching pencil case, too!

Larger litres for older students

Though, for students enrolled in high school, college or university, especially for those in Pure and Applied Sciences or Health Sciences programs, having ample space is crucial because their textbooks are just simply and immensely thick. In this case, opt instead for a model that's around 35L, like Tracker's Fully Loaded Backpack. Although extra space is vital, it can at times be heavy to carry; fortunately, in this post, we've got you covered in the "Comfort and Fit" section.

Tracker's Fully Loaded Backpack - 35L

Every student's dream bag, the Fully Loaded backpack from Tracker has all the capacity you need for an optimal and seamless experience at school. It has 3 extraordinary compartments to stow as many books as you want, including a laptop, plus it comes equipped with 2 side mesh pockets for water bottles, keeping any bookworm's thirst quenched.

Comfortable Backpacks

Next is all about that backpack that can fit us seamlessly. The school bag should provide air circulation to your back, release unpleasant pressure on your shoulders, and should feel as if the weight is perfectly distributed throughout (no matter the weight). This, in turn, makes school adventures amusing and backache-free.

Padded Shoulder Straps

Even if you pack just a little, shoulder comfort should never be overlooked. Browse for our ergonomically designed backpacks that feature padded shoulder straps. Their goal is to release unpleasant pressure on the shoulder, which, if not taken seriously in the long run, could have drastic effects on students' joints and muscles. Below is a stunning model called The Napoleon Backpack that ensures this much-needed thickness in the shoulder straps without compromising excquisite style.

Tracker's The Napoleon Backpack with Padded Straps

This dynamic model exudes minimalist accents and ultra-premium quality, the Napoleon 15.6" laptop backpack that's superbly designed by Tracker comes packed with the perks you crave. Indulge in a state-of-the-art bottom shoe pocket and an incredibly nifty overhead flap to store and explore even more as you embark on your thrilling school adventures. Plus this stunner comes with two large side zipper pockets that can carry small water bottles.

Red school bag in an e-commerce style picture with white background that fits seamlessly with the text inside a blog.

The Sternum Strap

Fortunately, some models go above and beyond just the minimal requirements of comfort. At Bentley, you can find products with a clip called the sternum strap or chest clip which attaches both shoulder straps together like Tracker's Cartier 2.0 Backpack, preventing school bags from tipping over on one side and, in tandem, redistributing heavier loads. No matter the age, this is a super nifty feature every student should have, notably if they're taking public transit and need to run to catch the subway or bus.

Tracker's Cartier 2.0 School Bag with Sternum Strap

Padded Back Panels

Moreover, try to look for those with a padded back panel for that cushiony feel. It provides students much-needed air circulation because, although summer might be coming to an end in a month or so, the sweltering heat is still super effective in September and sometimes early October, depending on where you live in Canada. And, just like the padded straps, soft plush back panels make it easier to carry heavier books as it relieves to a T all the pressure. Many of our models in-store and online can offer you this, just like this stunner called The Banff Backpack.

Backside of a pink school bag in an e-commerce style picture with white background that fits seamlessly with the text inside a blog.

Tracker's Banff 14" Laptop Backpack with Padded Back Panel

Inspired by the beautiful Canadian summits, this Banff travelling tote backpack from Tracker features enhanced comfort and support with impeccably-made mesh-like padding, offering you breathability and proper cushioning.

Functional Backpacks

We can agree that in grade school, a multitude of pockets strategically designed and placed on the backpack could be less pertinent. Younger children want it simple. They pack in one larger (or max) two main compartments and zip up everything fast before stepping on the school bus to be with their friends. Although we do have backpack models with laptop sleeves inside for children, this aspect pertains more to older students, perhaps at least from high school to university because of public transit.

Pockets, pockets, pockets!

Having easily accessible pockets can greatly enhance convenience, efficiency, and safety while navigating through crowded buses, trains, or subway systems. Efficient use of space maximizes the available storage area, ensuring that items are stored compactly, remain intact, and offer you quick and easy access. This way, you can make the most of the backpack's capacity without wasting any space. Check out this model below that we highly recommend: The Belfast Roll Top Backpack from Tracker.

Frontside of a khaki green school bag in an e-commerce style picture with white background that fits seamlessly with the text inside a blog.

Tracker's Belfast Roll Top School Bag Featuring Plenty of Pockets

A striking khaki green tone, the Belfast features amazing compartments for those essentials that you just need at school. Along with its special tall profile, the front zipper pocket is an incredible spot in which you can stow bus passes.

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