Trending: Riona Vegan Fall Handbags

Trending: Riona Vegan Fall Handbags

This seasonal shift, which Riona’s top trending vegan fall handbags have ever-so-beautifully embodied, is indicative of the trend of wearing heartwarming earthy tones such as cognac caramels, burgundy rusts, forest olive greens, and deep, profound burgundy colourways. And, as the sun-kissed days of summer turn into autumn’s cozy, nurturing allure, fashionistas are on the lookout to refresh their wardrobe so as to match the reddening of the leaves.

Embrace the Season,
Embrace One’s Self

In this article, you will get to find out what’s in it for you even before the 21st. All you sweater-weather-smitten people will get to know how to complete your overcoat ensembles, including that thick scarf or wool mittens you’ve had the itch to wear for a long, long time. Moreover, the artistic reasoning behind the campaign, some of Rion’s greatest lineups, and an exciting new Italian-made technology that converts apple stems, cores, and other fibres into a vegan material alternative for handbags are to be discovered. Let’s get started.

NEW 2023 Autumn Campaign:

« Fall For Riona »

A women with a brown overcoat with sheep's wool carrying a top trending riona vegan fall handbag called Serena from Riona.

Fall for elegance.


The campaign « Fall for Riona » embraces both, Riona’s identity which highlights the evolving state of confidence within a woman & the soothing transition of fall. Namely, falling for Riona & what it symbolizes fall in love with celebrating one of the best times of the year for fashion all while supporting one of the most vocations of all: the betterment of each and every woman’s future worldwide.

A women with a brown overcoat with sheep's wool carrying a trending Riona vegan fall handbag called Serena from Riona.

Let. Loose.

Sure, Riona’s bags match many outfits, though this year’s focus is boosting the look of baggy, oversized ready-to-wear – the crux of autumn’s aura & constant trendsetter. In the shots taken herein, we get a glimpse of Riona’s autumnal intention. Hanging loosely on the body rather than clinging tightly, the latter boasts hybrid Nordic & bohemian allures beckoning anyone’s attention who’s on the lookout to combine
sophisticated fashion with comfort.


« The campaign ‘Fall for Riona, for me, felt like a powerful step in the right direction. Its season-fitting, an empowering initiative that celebrates and supports femininity through and through.
Alternatively, the Fall into place,equally effectively implies that Riona’s handbags can seamlessly fall onto someone’s shoulder, accompanying her elegantly and becoming an essential part of their daily routine. This is to say, the play on words reinforces the notion that our sensationa pieces aren’t just accessories, they’re integral to a woman’s life.«

Éric – Artistic Director
4 different women wearing overcoats and trending Riona vegan fall handbag by Riona with the words "Fall into" and "Fall for".

Fall into autumn bliss.


Beige trending Riona vegan fall handbag called Casie designed by Riona showing its pillowy vegan texture, a knotted strap, and a top handles.


In Autumn, we just want to feel cozy and snug,
& Casie’s soft padded pillowy silhouette evokes such comfort. While tranquil and restful, the dark taupe colour pairs perfectly with either a long overcoat or a thin, short windbreaker, revamping your casual-work nook wear with elegance.

A soft stunning silhouette featuring that pillowy texture, it transcends effortlessly into smaller accents, from the short, shoulder crossbody strap to the downy (vegan) top handles.


Front view of a light brown trending Riona vegan fall handbag called Serena showing its supple faux leather texture, gold hardware, and a top handles.

Coming in a caramel, smoky-cognac colour, the Serena tote bag brings that loose-fitting seasonal allure. Complimented perfectly by the golden accents adorned in the small nooks and crannies of the bag, like the zippers, exterior logo, and added signature Riona chain added on the top handle, all the checks are there for you to fully embrace the burnt crisp smell of the autumn, fashionably, while heading to work, doing tea evenings with friends, or going for a book writing session.

Once retrieved, it can be attached with a separate crossbody strap (included with purchase), allowing you to haul more carrying capacity, OR thinning the bulk to bring essentials. Plus, the interior has pockets aplenty and is decorated with Riona’s lovely signature fabric jacquard print, too.


Olive green crossbody bag that is called Abbie designed by Riona showing its large buckle, a shoulder strap, and rounded shape.

Although this autumn was about letting loose as the leaves loosen upon the stem branches, sometimes, we just want to up the ante and indulge ourselves in chic-er evenings — and Riona has totally got you covered.

Smaller in size compared to the two previous ones, the Abbie crossbody’s silhouette has a rounded bottom adding a sleeker touch and stands out by its imposing golden-accented buckle.

The golden accents are spread throughout, like much of the lineup, and as such, you can pair them with golden earrings, a necklace, or cognac-coloured booties. Let alone style, this model offers two differently-sized straps. The one in the picture above is the smaller one, but you can take it from a shoulder strap to an actual crossbody by easily unhooking the strap buckles and switching it to the other included one.



The new world of fabricating and conceptualizing an entirely new cruelty-free product has gained interest over the past years. The frigid downtrend of owning leather goods gave rise to a beautiful alternative, & that was vegan. However, Riona took it even further, introducing an Italian-made technology that utilizes apples, their cores, stems and more, and injecting them inside a polyurethane (PU) mixture, a material of which standard faux leather material is made.


With a triangular-shaped silhouette, where the bottom is more significant and slims down at the top, the trending vegan fall handbag called Jade couples itself as well with a dainty slimline strap. Its apple, supple faux leather feels premium throughout the entire model. The strap buckles, shown on either side shine with meticulous craftsmanship and are reinforced with more than just simple stitching; they’re screwed in and made into Riona’s monogram. This detail is then decorated in a golden polished hue, which is a definite must that adds a bit of warmth to the cool of the autumn breeze.


Classic details and enhanced versatility, the Amber crossbody bag from Riona, a 100% PETA-approved vegan brand, has a stunning silhouette for all outings. Made with Apple Skin material, it’s perfect for dressing up or dressing casually. Includes 2 differently-sized straps so you can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag.

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