A Renewed Shopping Experience Unveiled in Trois-Rivières 

A Renewed Shopping Experience Unveiled in Trois-Rivières 

Bentley Proudly Introduces Innovative Shop-in-Shop Concept Right on Time for The Holiday Shopping Season!

Bentley, a longstanding presence in Trois-Rivières, is proud to announce the opening of its new flagship concept store at Les Rivières shopping centre. This marks a significant step towards re-shaping the customer experience, offering a unique blend of style, innovation, and sustainability just in time for the holiday season. The meticulous planning and execution of this project, spanning months, underscores Bentley’s commitment to providing Trois-Rivières with a 2,000 square feet retail space that not only reflects the brand’s values but also resonates with the dynamic spirit of the local community. As the doors swing open to this concept store, Bentley welcomes patrons to explore a world where shopping transcends the transactional and transforms into an immersive journey of discovery and delight.

Inside Bentley's concept store, the Tracker

Explore and Experience More with Tracker

Step into our new flagship concept store and immerse yourself in an innovative shop-in-shop experience featuring the complete range of Tracker travel gear. From luggage to backpacks, Tracker has you covered. Our new store concept allows individuals to find Tracker items in a more personalized and tailored environment. We at Bentley want our community to feel like they too can become luggage experts, empowering their travels from the very beginning. Our trusted experts accompany you on every step of your shopping experience, offering assistance and insights to deepen your understanding of our various collections. The space is not just a display; it’s an engaging journey through our Tracker collection. Bold branding and captivating displays ensure an immersive exploration of top-notch travel essentials.

Riona Handbags – Where Fashion Meets Vegan

At Bentley Trois-Rivières, we proudly highlight the fashion-forward 100% PETA-certified vegan brand, Riona. Designed in Montréal, Canada, it offers a wide range of vibrant, modern, and trendy handbags and accessories. While the interiors are made with 100% recycled water bottles, the hardware is made from a durable zinc alloy, allowing tarnish-free hardware over time. As a vegan brand, Riona exemplifies our commitment to exploring alternative sustainable methods, without compromising style. Explore the diverse collections of Riona handbags, each crafted with care and conscience.

Featuring Riona's

A Variety of Traveler Favourites to Suit Every Taste

Beyond Tracker, Riona, and our main Bentley brand, Bentley Trois-Rivières offers an extensive array of popular brands such as Samsonite, Air Canada, Adidas, and Jansport. Our commitment to providing an inclusive and satisfying shopping experience is reflected in the diverse range of brands we carry. Our shelves showcase a curated eclectic mix of quality products for varying tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Bentley Trois-Rivières is not just a store; it’s a destination where we reshape shopping into an immersive experience.

A Rich History, A Trusted Relationship – Come and Find your perfect match

With almost 30 years of history in Trois-Rivières, Bentley has been an integral part of the city’s commercial landscape. But more than that, we cherish the trust bestowed upon us by the local community and are excited to continue providing exceptional products and services. The Trois-Rivières community has been an integral part of the Bentley journey these past few decades. The constant flow of love and loyalty is unmatched, and Trois-Rivières deserves a new Bentley experience unlike any other.

Embark on a shopping adventure at Bentley Trois-Rivières – your destination for style, innovation, and sustainability. Visit us today on the first floor beside Fruits & Passion and across from Chlorophylle and discover the perfect holiday gift or treat yourself to something special.

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