What makes a good graduation gift

What makes a good graduation gift

Honouring the hard work and dedication in an appropriate way.

Graduating from primary school, high school, college or university is an important milestone that should rightly be celebrated. The years of study, homework and handing in work on time take a lot of perseverance for students of all ages. And also achieving a good balance between school, life and work takes a great deal of diligence too. So why not show your appreciation by giving a gift that truly matches your graduate’s effort and achievement?

There are many appropriate gifts for each level of education completed. You could offer encouragement in the form of new equipment. Or perhaps something more personal that they can wear with pride. You’ll find a wide range of gift ideas for graduates of all ages at Bentley.

To help you choose an appropriate gift, here are some ideas broken down by education level:

1- Elementary

graduation elementary school gift

Primary school is the first graduation that children get to experience. This is the time for fun, colourful and also practical accessories to mark the occasion and help them make the transition to high school.

A wallet for kids is a great graduation gift for this age group. With their lunch money safely tucked away, they’ll be ready to hit the high school cafeteria in style.

A colourful stationery set can encourage them to write, draw and doodle, further stimulating their intellectual development as they step up to the secondary level.

Why not start a tradition by giving them a keychain for each diploma achieved? It can serve as a lucky charm as they push through each academic level and deal with all the challenges that school can present.

2- High school

graduation gift for high school students

They’re now teenagers and ready to make important decisions about their academic journey or a job, so high school graduation is a big moment. The choice they make here will undoubtedly affect the rest of their lives. This is a milestone that deserves special recognition.

Again, there are lots of suitable gift options. A well-chosen high school graduation gift can be very supportive as the student takes the next big step into the unknown.

An appropriate gift is a bag—backpack, messenger bag, sports bag, etc.—to equip them for this exciting stage in their journey and symbolize their transition to a new future.

And of course, moving on from high school is also about independence, a time when travel and discovering the world are exciting possibilities. So a suitcase, travel bag or simply travel accessories can make the perfect graduation gift.

3- College

graduation gift from college young adults

College and Cegep are transitional periods in which students are sometimes striving to find themselves. They might try different courses or programs. But once they’ve chosen their field of study and have that diploma in hand, they’re usually ready to get serious in university.

If so, they’re going to need some good-quality equipment to carry large books, protect laptops and more.

A backpack with a padded laptop compartment will take good care of the most important tool they’ll be using. Go for superior quality as well as plenty of space, as this gift is going to get a work out! Leather is always a good choice since it’s durable and will give excellent service throughout your child’s undergraduate years and beyond.

4- University

graduating from university adults parents

From a bachelor’s degree to a PhD, every academic milestone in university represents a massive achievement. At the very least, champagne and a party are called for!

On a more practical level, home office accessories make an excellent gift as the young adult starts to set up their post-student life. This can include a writing case, desktop organizer, desk mat, pens and so on… all useful tools for managing the next phase.

Whatever gift you decide on, it will always be remembered as one of the many gestures of support you’ve made over the years. The person your child becomes is shaped as much by your input as by the diplomas and accolades they receive along the way from primary school to university.

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