Top 5 "Escape the Cold" Destinations

Top 5 "Escape the Cold" Destinations
Oh sweet Canadian winter! Every year, it’s a topic of discussion as to which province is colder, but the reality is – Every province is cold! If you have winter blues, there are many destinations that will make you forget this particular cold season. Whether you want to go scuba-diving, relax under the sun or visit the magnificent worldwide deserts, travelling is your best option. For whatever type of trip you’re looking for, we have selected our top 5 getaway destinations for 2018!
  1. India :
India is such a magnificent country. Endless landscapes and architectural monuments will ensure a change of scenery. The most gorgeous cities to visit? Certainly Varanasi, Jaipur and Agra, where the well-known Taj Mahal is. Airfare is a little pricier, but everyday needs are cheaper, which makes a good balance between the two.
  1. Guadeloupe : Located in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is in fact an archipelago of 7 islands, where white sand beaches and sea beds are splendid to explore. This place is absolutely stunning. The most charming places are Grande Terre, Point-à-Pitre (the largest city in Guadeloupe) and St-François.
  1. Cape Verde :
Still little known by travelers, Cape Verde is a very touristic place that deserves to be discovered, known and understood. Located near the African north-west coast, this archipelago of islands is a dream destination. The African-Portuguese culture will surely surprise you. The main places to visit are Boa Vista, Praia (its capital) and Mindelo.
  1. Thailand
Thailand is a popular destination. One incredible hidden place is called Koh Tao, an island where scuba-diving, restaurants and nocturnal celebrations are active. There is a large variety of marine species and it’s the ideal place to book a boat trip! With such a tropical, living and heavenly place to go, it’s definitely a primary destination.
  1. Chile
Chile is a country that really distinguishes itself from other South-American destinations, especially for the variety of climates and the landscapes. Going from Santiago (the capital) to La Serena and Punta Arenas, many routes are possible. You can hike in Patagonia or go up to Norte Grande to admire volcanos and lagoons. In South America, there are plenty of things you can do!

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