The top 5 accessories for the perfect office space

The top 5 accessories for the perfect office space

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After spending several months adapting to this new reality, it's finally time to equip yourself with the most coveted tools for an optimal office space. Telecommuting has now become an integral part of life and it’s important to pay special attention to certain details in order for you to work efficiently and productively.

Your workspace deserves special attention, as do you; so think of it as an investment in yourself and the quality of your work.

While you might have some of the basic things needed to do a decent job from home, these tools will help you be more productive and make your life easier. Here are the top 5 accessories to have for your home office space:

5- Notebooks

As mundane as it may seem, a notebook will really add organization to your daily work life. You no longer need to rely on memory alone; a notebook keeps all your thoughts, important dates, follow-ups, meeting summaries, and even creative scribbles all together in one spot. Hardcover or softcover, lined or blank pages; this small tool will keep your affairs in order, which indirectly leads to greater organization and better productivity.

office space accessories notebooks

4-Trash and recycling bins

A healthy work environment is an office space devoid of all waste. What could be more obvious than having a trash bin and recycling bin so you can keep your office clean and avoid back and forth trips to the kitchen or garage to toss out trash. Despite the obvious usefulness of this accessory, it is often left out ; so equip your office space with these simple bins to keep it clean and your mind clear.

trash and recycling bins
Trash and recycling bins

3- Matching office supplies

Keeping order and peace on your work desk at home can sometimes be overwhelming; why not stay neat and organized with magazine racks, letter trays and a supply rack to make your job easier? The magazine rack can keep important documents together and having more than one can help categorize your papers while keeping them at arm's length. Letter trays allow you to keep random papers at bay instead of scattered all over your desk. The supplies holder takes the guesswork out of finding pencils and other stationery tools, so you always have what you need to keep going. Organization is the key to an efficient workspace and when everything is organized, it is much more visually pleasing.

2- Office kit

The office kit allows you to add pep to your daily life. It's all well and good to be able to get the job done, but why not make it dynamic and stimulating. The desk kit usually contains paper clips, tweezers, magnets, notepads, eraser, sharpener, pencils and ballpoint pen, all neatly organized in a dedicated case. Having all these work tools easily accessible gives you the chance to be even more organized, in a fun and cheerful way.

office kit
Office kit including paper clips, tweezers, magnets, notepads, eraser, sharpener, pencils and ballpoint pen

1- Desk mat

A simple and pleasant office space accessory, the desk mat will make your life easier. In addition to allowing your mouse to glide easily, this accessory defines your workspace, and adds a touch of affordable luxury. It keeps your desk clean and is super easy to wash. Thus, coffee drops left on your work surface will never be forgotten and leave a stain. Easy to maneuver and move around, it can be packed up to follow you everywhere, from your office, to the living room, to the kitchen.

desk mat
Blackbook desk mat

You are now in the know of the top 5 accessories to make your office space functional, productive, lively and organized. Share with us what makes your workspace great by commenting on this article or hitting us up on social media.