Making the most of your backpack during COVID-19

Making the most of your backpack during COVID-19

Making the most of your backpack during COVID-19

When you think of your backpack, what comes to mind? School, work, vacation? Although our regular lives have been put on hold and we’re adjusting to a new normal without our go-to activities, we’re making the best of every situation. We’re diving into 5 different ways to make the most of your backpacks during quarantine.

Bring your gym outside

With the weather heating up, we’re all looking for more ways to spend time outside. Whether you’re just starting to get in shape or are keeping up with a work out routine, change things up and bring your work out outside. Pack up your weights, mat, resistance bands and anything else you may require in a large backpack and go get your sweat on.

Picnic time

Now that we’re spending so much time cooped up inside, take advantage of every opportunity to get outside. Change up your routine and bring your lunch or dinner to a park nearby. Pack up a picnic in a spacious backpack and make it a fun family affair or date night with your significant other. All you need is some food and blankets to make quarantine a whole lot more exciting!

Quick grocery run

Make your grocery runs a tad easier by bringing a big backpack with you. Forget about carrying bags and simplify the task for yourself by being able to carry just what you need right on your back. If you’ve been contemplating walking to get your groceries, this will definitely make the trip much easier.

Get your sport on!

Looking for more ways to keep your kids entertained? Bring them outside and play their favourite sport with them. A family tournament is the perfect way to spend an afternoon together. Pack up some snacks, water and the sports gear into a backpack and off you go!

Working from home

By now, we’ve all adjusted to working from home and have set up our home office spaces. Even though we’re not going from meeting to meeting or commuting to work, it’s still helpful to keep your office space organized. To help with your productivity, it’s important to have all your items in order. Using a backpack even while home, can help keep your documents and tech organized. It’s also a great way to separate your work and personal life, knowing that once your work day is over, everything can be placed right into your backpack. Shop Now