Live your best summer!

Live your best summer!

Live your best summer!

Summer spent in the city or in a province nearby opens the door to so many fun and memorable activities. Although distant travel has been placed on pause, there is so much to be discovered in our beautiful country. Whether you are road tripping a couple hours away or looking to explore what's right in your city's backyard, we've got the products to help. From waist bags to backpacks to compact mini backpacks, you'll be as equipped as ever for a summer to remember.

On the water

Looking to beat the heat, all while staying active? Head towards the water for a fun day of kayaking with your best buds. Enjoy a leisurely ride or make it a fun competition as you give your arms a workout! Before you hit the water, pack up your must-haves in a waist pack to wear across your body or your waist. Don't forget your sunscreen!

In nature

For the adventurers who absolutely love to discover hidden gems, hiking off the beaten path is for you. There are so many waterfall trails to follow throughout Canada. Find the ones closest to you for your chance to enjoy an incredible afternoon as you break a sweat and cool off in the water. Pack up just what you need in a mini backpack to make hiking a breeze.

On the road

What better way to explore your city than by bike? With so many bike paths in cities across Canada, you'll get a fun workout in with friends or family as you head around town. With your waist pack buckled around your chest, you'll be ready for any pit stop along the way. From ice cream, smoothies, or lunch, you'll be good to go.

In the sand

Looking to take in the sun and relax? A beach day is the perfect choice. Pack up a spacious backpack with your towel, cold drinks, sunscreen and snacks. Take it easy and enjoying laying on your towel for a well-deserved relaxing day outdoors. With the beach just meters away, it's the ideal combination of hot and cold. Just head into the water for a refreshing cool down!

From near and far throughout Canada, an amazing adventurous summer awaits! Share your experiences with our products this summer by tagging us on Instagram @bentleycoltd. We can't wait to see what's in store for you!

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