How to easily pack your carry-on luggage in 6 steps

How to easily pack your carry-on luggage in 6 steps

How to easily pack your carry-on luggage in 6 steps

Once you decide to go on vacation, figuring out all the details of flights, accommodations, food and activities can be time consuming and stressful.
However, when it comes to packing for any trip, it should never be stressful. It should always be seamless, which is why we’ve outlined 6 ways to make the most out of the limited capacity in your carry-on.
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How to choose what is really needed for your carry-on luggage?

Pack the necessities. As hard as this is, take only what you really need!
When packing for a short trip, try your best not to pack more than one week’s worth of clothing. If your trip is longer than a week, you’re better off doing laundry and washing your clothes rather than overpacking.
The last thing you want is to have trouble fitting your carry-on in the overhead bins or having to check your bag. When it comes to bulky items like jeans and shoes, you can easily rewear a pair of jeans and try to limit yourself to three pairs of shoes. Plan your outfits ahead to ensure you have the right shoes for each one.
When you reach this step in your packing process, remind yourself that if you aren’t wearing clothing or shoes at home, you’re likely not going to wear them on vacation. Leave them at home!
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How to optimize the space in your carry-on luggage?

Make use of your tech. We know you may love your hardcover books and magazines, but a great way to save on space is to travel with an e-reader.
With so many choices on the market, the options are endless. Whether it’s a Kindle, iPad or apps on your phone, you can easily access e-books, magazines and streaming services with a click of a button.
Rather than take so many different chargers, save space by using a portable charger that’s able to charge numerous devices at once, just like this one from Tracker.portable charger for carry-on luggage

How to make sure that you don't forget anything for your carry-on luggage?

Lists are the way to go. Waiting until the last minute to get all your packing done? Think again.
Packing last minute will likely lead to taking more than you need. Try to avoid this by preparing a list in advance of everything you need from clothing, to shoes, to toiletries and accessories.
This will ensure you don’t forget anything important and you take what’s actually necessary for your trip.

How to be sure to use all the space reserved for you?

Pick a spacious personal item. The majority of airlines will allow you to bring a carry-on and personal item. If you are really struggling to fit all of your items into a carry-on, make sure you choose your personal item wisely.
A large backpack that can accommodate all over your extra items would be your best bet. Our Convertible Tracker Backpacks and Tracker Nomad Backpack are the perfect choices. Otherwise, anti-theft bags can make sure not only to carry your belongings, but to protect them from thieves.
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How to turn big items into small items?

Leave the bulky toiletries at home. Forget about taking your daily hair care and body essentials and make use of the free toiletries at your hotel. Most will provide everything you need from shampoo, to conditioner, body wash and lotion. There’s no need to waste space with your stuff from home.
For items you can’t find at a hotel, search for travel size versions. For the toiletries you just have to have, consider packing in travel size toiletry bottles.
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How to properly store your clothes in your carry-on luggage?

Roll and fold your items. A great way to save on space is to roll or fold your clothing. While packing in such a small space, this is ideal for fitting in as much as possible.
Packing cubes can also be very helpful in utilizing the limited amount of space you have, while keeping all your clothes and shoes organized and secure. It also makes it that much easier for you to find the items you’re looking for once you arrive at your destination.
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All the means proposed above are very feasible and will certainly make your life more pleasant when it comes time to pack your carry-on luggage. To recap, it is:
  • Find a carry-on luggage that's right for you
  • Use a portable charger
  • Make checklists
  • Choose a spacious personal item
  • Use travel-size bottles
  • Store your clothes in packing cubes

And you, how do you make sure you don't forget anything for your carry-on luggage?

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