Dad always saves the day… Now it’s your turn!

Dad is usually not picky or fussy, so taking him out to the restaurant or buying him a brand new shirt are great options, but why not spoil him with another type of outing? Get him out into the world with some options below ???? For the lovers of heat If Dad loves to cook under the sun, the Montreal area is comprised of islands, which means beaches! If he wants some quality family time in the heat, this type of getaway would be perfect for that special man. You can also rent a pedal boat, kayak, canoe or more at the Lachine Canal Nautical Centre. You can’t go wrong with an adventure on the water with Dad, and this one is just steps away from the Atwater Market. Or, what about going a little fancy and renting a cruiser boat? A day on the water under the sun eating, drinking and relaxing can be super satisfying for the family. What Dad does not enjoy golfing or tennis? Sports and Dad go hand in hand, whether he enjoys watching them or playing them. Take him to a game! There may not be hockey anymore, but Canada is still home to many professional and amateur sports teams in the summer. We know perfecting that backswing technique is on Dad’s To-Do list and you can make that happen with many tennis courts or golf courses near you. This is a cost-friendly option that he will enjoy. For the heavy pedal If your father is a driver, you know exactly what he wants to get that much-needed thrill of being behind the wheel. Whether it is simply renting a car on Turo or taking his own to a local track, the options are vast. Is it Dad’s lucky day? If your Dad is feeling lucky, fly down to Las Vegas for a nice luxurious Casino weekend. Down in the desert in Nevada, not much of an explanation is needed. See it for yourself! The Shopper Yes, some fathers like to shop! It’s simple, but effective to get him a gift card (or many) so that the family can go to the mall and spend away! A few hours at the mall can be just as satisfying as being at the sports field or stadium. What are your Father's Day plans this year?