Discover our Amazing Back-to-School Brands

Discover our Amazing Back-to-School Brands

Discover our Amazing Back-to-School Brands

As your children prepare to head back to a year of learning in the classroom, we’re here to help you with all the school essentials. From backpacks, pencil cases, lunch boxes and more, we’ve got it all to ensure your kids success - from class to recess to lunch and after school activities. At bentley, we’re helping kids become the leaders of tomorrow.


Tracker is one of our local house brands, exclusively at bentley. It is home to our largest collection of back-to-school items for kids, teens and young adults. You’ll find colourful designs, fun prints and an assortment of new styles for the school year. Exactly what you need to jumpstart learning! With plenty of school sets and matching items, the opportunities are endless. Each year, we work hard to innovate to ensure we have the greatest selection of new items available to help shape today’s students.


Jansport is one of our most popular brands we carry. With a selection of classic pieces, the brand is highly sought after and adored by teens and young adults. The brand offers a variety of backpacks in different shapes and sizes, in addition to lunch boxes, pencil cases and waist bags. The products are available in solids, patterns and fun designs - there’s truly something for everyone. It’s exactly what your kids need to gear up for learning in the classroom.


A name that says it all. Adidas is one of our best-selling brands, coveted by teens and young looking to have the coolest products on the market. Send your kids back to school with confidence and the newest products on the market. From backpacks, lunch boxes, waist bags, duffles and more, you’ll find all your children need inside and outside the classroom, giving them the power to experience growth.


Champion is a brand well known to many. With a sporty and fun edge, the backpacks are adorned with their classic logo, a roomy interior and a variety of pockets. They’re ideal for your teens and young adults looking to make a statement at school. We’ve got a selection of backpacks to house your children’s tech enabling instant connections to friends, family and the community. These backpacks keep their student doodles and ideas-in-progress as safe as can be, encouraging learning wherever they may be.

High Sierra

Our collection of High Sierra products are built for any activity, in school or outside of the classroom. With a variety of backpacks, sets, lunch boxes and wheeled backpacks, your children will find exactly what they need for anything that comes their way this school year. These backpacks are built to carry what your children need beyond their school day - the only choice for their days at school AND fun adventures. The more they learn, the stronger they become. With so many products to choose from, your children will find exactly what they’re looking for, to motivate and encourage them for the school year ahead. When school is fun, learning is a joy and your children will excel in all that they do!