Back-to-school guide: PUMA and its iconic logo

Back-to-school guide: PUMA and its iconic logo

The leaping feline is still a popular pick among kids, teens and adults.

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA is still a favourite among athletes of football, soccer, hockey and more. Over the years, these top athletes have helped build PUMA’s solid reputation.

Besides footwear and sports equipment, PUMA has developed several bag collections: backpacks, drawstring bags, fanny packs, duffle bags and more. Bentley has stocked its shelves with the latest models to offer you the best products for this fall.

Below are the different PUMA styles and collections available at Bentley for the 2021 back-to-school season.

Lotus Pink

PUMA’s Lotus Pink collection comprises six bags featuring the signature logo. A perfect option for anyone with an active lifestyle, seeking a sporty, trendy look and a unique colour.

This brand-new collection was created exclusively for Bentley! Be the first in your school or circle of friends to have one of these bags. Find it online or in-store now.

The collection includes six bag types: a backpack that’s ideal for active lifestyles (available in two styles); a lunch bag so you can pack a snack and stay energized all day; a pencil case to help keep writing and drawing tools together; a drawstring bag perfect for carrying sports essentials to gym class or practice; a fanny pack to keep your smaller must-have items within easy reach; and finally, a multi-purpose duffle bag for when you need some extra space.

Space Dye

Another style available exclusively at Bentley! The Space Dye collection includes the same products and features as the Lotus Pink collection but in a different colour. It’s slightly more neutral but just as practical.


PUMA also offers a more sober collection, including three all-black items: a drawstring bag, duffle bag and backpack. Discreet and fashionable!

Backpacks, fanny packs, waist bags, lunch bags, duffle bags: stylish and sporty, PUMA fits your active lifestyle. Hands down, one of our most popular brands.

Check out our other brands by visiting our website or dropping by your local store with the kids. The latest trends in school essentials await you!