6 tips for a healthy way to work from home

6 tips for a healthy way to work from home

Thanks to some workspace essentials, many are now properly equipped to work from home productively. It is time now to put some order back into your everyday life. It’s the little things that count not only for the planet as a whole but for you personally as well. How? By developing healthy daily work habits; your body, mind and soul will thank you for.

It’s not always easy to keep up with good habits in the midst of the crazy frenzi of everyday life. However, these small gestures are vitally important in helping you maintain a healthy practice that will benefit you in all aspects of your life. The flexibility that comes with telecommuting will give you the space and time needed to acquire the 6 healthy habits below.

These healthy tips are easy to adopt, so you can manage healthy practices without it impeding on your daily schedule. Make sure to follow these 6 tips for a healthy telecommuting lifestyle so you taking care of yourself becomes part of your routine.

1- Always have a reusable water bottle handy

Staying hydrated is imperative to a properly functioning system. The quantity of water you need to consume in a day differs based on weight, gender, age, physical activity, and temperature. Generally, it is recommended to drink between 2 to 4 litres a day. This intake can include everything from juice to coffee, either way, having a bottle at arms length all day can ensure you keep to the good habit.

2- Take 5 for some physical activity

Taking little breaks to move around during your work hours is just as important to productivity as anything else because tt reduces stress and changes your perspective. Doing a quick yoga session, going for a short walk, changing your environment by going into another room or simply having a chat with your partner are great ways to stay active. Working from home has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Being able to take a yoga or walk break definitely falls under the positive column.

active moments for healthy lifestyle habits

3- Eat some healthy snacks

Before starting your day, ensure that some healthy snacks are handy and pre-prepared so you can grab them quickly when needed. Pre-cutting fruit and vegetables or having a bowl of nuts at your desk will give you that extra incentive to gravitate to healthier snack options instead of grabbing cookies or other junk food. These healthier foods give you the energy you need to fuel your body.

eating for healthy lifestyle habits

4- Smile

As odd as it may seem, smiling and laughing send positive signals to your brain that keep your mood and spirits up. So take some time in your day to read or listen to something funny or that makes you happy.This little pick-me-ups will help keep you happy throughout the day so you can better concentrate.

smiling for healthy lifestyle habits

5- Give yourself some positive feedback at the end of the day

When your workday is over, it's important to take a moment to reflect on what you've accomplished. So, take the last 15 minutes of your workday to think; write 3 things in your notebook that went well. You might be prone to dwelling on the work that lies ahead, instead, end it on a high note with a positive attitude that lends to a more enjoyable evening at home.

noteook for healthy lifestyle habits

6- Breath & meditate

Start your day with a quick mediation to prepare your body and mind for the day that lies ahead. Concentrating on ones breath for as little as fifteen minutes in the morning can give you time to let your body wake without jumping directly onto the computer. Sometimes we commence the day in a rush for reasons unknown and that feeling of trying to catch up can last all day. So take the time to close your eyes and slow down. There are many free meditation videos online as well as apps that you can download on your phone to help guide you through the process. These tools are there to help give your mind and body what it needs to be productive and healthy.

The basic tools to achieve a healthier work from home life balance are:

  • Having a water bottle handy at all times
  • Taking mini breaks throughout the day
  • Snacking on healthy foods
  • Smile :)
  • Jot down 3 accomplishments at the end of the workday
  • Make time at the start of your day to meditate and breath

What healthy habits have you adopted to help you be more productive when working from home? Have any tips you’d like to share to stay healthy when telecommuting? Comment on this article or share your experiences with us on our social media.