6 Popular Lunch Boxes for Kids in Elementary

6 Popular Lunch Boxes for Kids in Elementary

Gearing your little scholar up with the most popular lunch boxes for kids in elementary school is important but can, at times, be exigent. Since they’ll be using them daily to refuel their thinking caps, parents go to great lengths, craving to find the one that can last throughout the academic year without having to break the bank (granted all other back-to-school expenses). And, well, this piqued our curiosity; since we’re all about facilitating your school shopping spree, we, ourselves were craving to understand what « popular » actually meant for both, kids and parents (you) so we can continue to bring the best possible products to the table. Our findings: a lunch bag that can boast excellent value (well-priced for the quality offered), design (stunning artistry plus ergonomics), and durability.

Luckily, on a silver platter, we’ll serve you the most popular models vis-a-vis our bestsellers for kids in elementary school so you don’t need to do all the heavy lifting of extensively researching web page… after web page… after web page. With the aid of this article, you’ll find out, right away, about la crème de la crème in the school lunch box market – literally &, well, figuratively. So, without further ado, let’s dig into our table d’hôte list!

Discover 6 popular lunch boxes for kids in elementary school


Front view of a lunch box for kids in elementary school called Ditsy Green designed by Lula showing its beautiful floral print, strap, and dark, forest-green accents.

Lula’s Ditsy Green Lunch Box for Girls

For the First Course…
Of course, it has to be this student-pleaser that your little girl will surely love: the popular lunch box, Ditsy Green. It’s pure lunchtime magic! It offers space aplenty for cherished meals, and snacks, plus it even comes with a quality strap which can be removed and stowed away, optimizing her academic journeys.

The most beautiful thing of all about this popular lunch box for kids, other than it being lightweight, is the unique print of colourful flowers, leaves, and more that perfectly compliments its beautiful and relaxing forest-green accents on the top handle, zipper pull tabs and strap. It’s a combination that’ll make her lunches even more delectable.


Tracker’s Practical « Jungle » Lunch Bag: A Popular Choice for Kids in Elementary

Allow them to embark on a wild lunchtime adventure with the captivating Jungle-themed lunch box by Tracker. Transport their imaginations lush and vibrance, right at their grade school table. Adorned with mesmerizing rose leopard prints, this lunch box boasts an awe-inspiring design that’s sure to spark creativity.

Equipped with cleverly designed, thermal insulation, this colourful lunch box brings a touch of innovation to her meals. Let their culinary cravings stay delightfully warm or refreshingly cool, offering a novel twist to their midday feast.

As they unzip the lunch box, thickets of possibilities unfold before their eyes like a spacious main compartment, inviting them to easily store juicy apples, scrumptious treats, and more.

Front side of a jungle-themed lunch box designed by tracker showing its print of rose leopards, the top handle, zipper pulls, and more.


1 of 6 top-rated lunch boxes for kids in elementary school in blue called Game Over designed by Tracker, showcasing its print of gaming remotes and the words "game over" and "high score", showcasing its front zipper pocket, side mesh pocket, and top handle.

Tracker’s Unique « Gamer » Lunch Box for Boys

Third on the Menu…

A definite showstopper for gamer lovers that have good taste, this easy-to-clean Gamer lunch box by Tracker is made with top-notch quality and boasts groundbreaking style at a good price. Plus, did you know its design was put together by our in-house Canadian team, here, in Montréal, making it super exclusive, too!

Keep your snacks fresh come noon with a performant insulated PEVA lining, a safer material than any other insulant alternatives. It comes with a thoughtful strap for easy carrying during school commutes and an extra front pocket to keep foods categorized and organized. Even a water bottle pocket can be easily stored so your little boy can quench his thirst at gym class!

Love the print? Then you’ll absolutely adore the entire Gamer collection!


Tracker’s Beautiful Mermaid Lunch Bag for Girls

The Main Course…

Super adorable! Dive into a sea of possibilities with this cute mermaid-themed lunch box, adding whimsy to her school day. Showcasing an incredible mermaid, starfish, and sea shell design to beautify their school adventures, this Tracker easy-to-clean lunch box comes equipped with dreamy features to optimize your little one’s journey at school like a shoulder strap and an extremely resistant polyester.

The large insulated compartment makes it super easy to stow inside food containers. Plus, there’s a nifty front zipper pocket that can be used to separate snacks & even more.

Front side of a pink lunch box called Mermaid designe by Tracker, showcasing its print of a mermaid's tail that's adorned of seashells, a Top handle, side mesh waterbottle pocket, and front zipper pocket.


Front side of 1 of 6 top-rated lunch boxes for kids in elementary in black called Scratch Tie Dye designed by Tracker showcasing its tie dye print, a neon green zipper front pocket, a top handle, and a side mesh water bottle pocket.

Tracker’s Cool « Scratch Tie Dye » Lunch Bag for Boys

And, Fifth on the Menu… Desert!

Another one of the 6 popular lunch boxes for kids in elementary: the Scratch Tie Dye. It’s simply out of this world! Not only does it have a really fun, modernized version of the tie-dye design, but it’s extremely practical, too. It has a good amount of space for all of his favourite meals, plus they’ll stay super cool come noon with its top-quality insulated PEVA interior. It also includes a crossbody strap, easing your journeys to school.

This one has been a top choice among boys & parents provided its exceptional neon green front zipper, giving off a really cool trendy contrast vibe to the entirety of the piece.


Front side of a blue and red lunch box called Bam! designed by Tracker showcasing its tie cartoonish print cute explossion and clouds with lightning coming out of it, a top handle, and a second zipper compartment..

Tracker’s Quality « Bam! » Lunch Box for Boys

The Cherry on Top

BAM! & just like that… lunch is ready! Here’s a fantastic and trendy lunch box for boys that really packs a punch. Refresh his adventures to school like never before with a sensational in-house design (Yes, our artists make the prints here, in Montréal, QC!) This, too, boasts PEVA lining so his favourite go-to sandwich remains fresh, no matter the weather.

The best yet, other than its low price? The Bam! comes equipped with rare features such as 2, yes… 2, practical compartments, easing the way he sorts out his food. For example, you can add an ice pack at the top to keep fruits, yogurts & sandwiches cool & fresh and separate granola & chocolate bars at the bottom compartment. On top of that, Tracker goes above and beyond with a thoughtful adjustable & removable strap for easy commutes to and from school.

6 Lunch Boxes for Kids in Elementary School: A Conclusion

In summation, finding the perfect lunch box for your elementary school kids can be a true game-changer. We hope this list of 6 popular lunch boxes for kids in elementary school has made your decision easier. From durable to fun, character-themed ones, we always have a lunch box that suits your and your child’s taste. Especially because they combine functionality, style, and most of all, affordability, making them a valuable investment for you and a delightful surprise for your precious little ones.

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