5 reasons you totally need silicone shoe covers

5 reasons you totally need silicone shoe covers
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5 reasons you totally need silicone shoe covers

Use them all year round!

Rain or snow, we all have to make our way to work, school or wherever the day takes us. During wet weather forecasts we shlep on our boots and carry our shoes with us in either a shoebag, our purse or maybe a duffle. If you are lucky, you might have a place to keep your wet boots and make the change, if you're not, you need to wear those wet, warm boots all day long.
Although we might be commuting less these days, when we do venture out, it’s usually for an essentail reason. That’s why bentley has brought a great little tool that will transform your day to day in ways you didn’t even know needed to change. This little gem is practical for so many reasons and we are so happy to bring it to you.
bentley discovered these shoe covers from Sillies that will brighten your day and lighten your load! The following article will show what’s so great about this product with 5 reasons to love them.
The Bugatti group has been a trusted bentley partner for many years. They developed Sillies, a brand completely devoted to silicone shoe covers. Here are the 5 things you need to know about them.
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100% waterproof

Firstly, they are 100% waterproof. Rain, snow, puddles and mud can’t get through these babies. Silicone is a highly resistant material used by many industries like medicine, culinary and construction businesses so you can trust that Sillies will do the job of keeping your feet dry.

Gripping sole

Secondly, Sillies have a gripping sole that keeps you from slipping and sliding on ice or wet floors. So you can walk confidently across any surface without worrying about injuring yourself in the process.
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Easy to clean

Thirdly, these boots are super easy to clean. No more build-up on your boots or shoes, the silicone material of these Sillies just need to be wiped down with soapy water and a cloth. Oh and they also dry really fast.

Reflective zipper

Another great feature of these silicone boots is the reflective zipper. You can now walk about at night and be visible to drivers; not to mention the zipper makes it easy to put on and take off without any strain in just 3 steps.
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Incredible flexibility

The last feature, their flexibility. These bendy booties can fit over almost any shoe, bootie or runners. They’re light weight and come with a neat little pouch so you can easily store them and carry them around without having to carry a separate bag for your shoes.

Still not sure?

While we can probably find way more than just 5 reasons to love these booties, there’s no better way to experience their practicality than to try them out for yourself! They come in various sizes with five fun colours to choose from
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