Vintage Luxury Bags, Pre-Loved

Dive into the world of refined, high-end brands that tell a story. An array of designer handbags, luggage & duffle bags await your discovery.

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Vintage Luxury Bags, Twice Verified

Offered only at our Bentley Mirabel boutique in Premium Outlets Montréal, you can now shop world-famous luxury brands in phenomenal vintage condition.

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The luxury products are well-priced, graded accurately, and have had their authenticity validated by a team of experts who indulge in discovering the stories and history behind each one of these pre-loved, extravagant pieces.


Products are sourced with purpose and authenticated with fastidious care. After decades of dealing with luxury goods, our team of experts have developed the unrivaled ability to find top-tier, mint vintage items. They search the globe, drawing from strong relationships with international auction houses, distributors, and retailers to ensure acquiring the best value.


2A+ Excellent

The item is in excellent vintage condition. Minor discolorations and scratches may be present in less obvious areas (i.e. corners), but there are no major scuffs, holes or tears.

2A Vintage

The item may show some signs of wear due to regular use or age.

Masterfully Made, Naturally Aged

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  • 2A and 2A+ Quality Grade Only
  • Best Condition and Best Price
  • Available for Immediate Purchase
  • Authenticity Guaranteed
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