How to choose the right luggage for you - a buying guide

Packing your suitcase marks the start of an exciting journey, wherever it may lead. Choosing the right luggage for your needs will ensure your trips are smooth and stress-free. Between soft and hardshell, size and many other features, you have a lot of options to suit you and your travel style. To find your perfect match, consider the following questions about your travel habits and preferences!

Luggage size: Do you pack light?
Whether you’re a light traveler who can last three weeks with just a carry-on, or someone who tends to pack half their wardrobe for a weekend getaway (no judgment!), Bentley has the perfect suitcase for you.

Carry-On Luggage:
Lightweight and versatile, carry-on luggage fit perfectly in plane’s overhead compartments, making them ideal for quick trips or business travel. They allow you to keep your essentials with you during the flight, and they’re just extra room if you also have checked luggage. Bentley offers carry-on suitcases from 17” (kids) to 22”. Be sure to check our airlines carry-on guide to save yourself a heap of stress before check-in.

Medium Checked Luggage:
A medium luggage is versatile enough to be useful for both short and long trips. It can be easier to handle a smaller checked luggage in terminals, as it’s the great balance between capacity and mobility. Bentley’s range of medium checked luggage goes from 24” to 28”.

Large Checked Luggage:
Larger suitcases are ideal for extensive trips or when traveling as a family. They allow you to conveniently have everything in one place and are the perfect choice for shopping trips. You’ll have the extra space to bring home new purchases. Bentley offers large checked luggage from 29” to 32”.

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